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Nell Design is an interior design studio established by Stephanie Burt specialising in residential interior design.

Stephanie creates calm and inviting spaces with a focus on natural materials observing the features of each material to provide subtle layers to each space. Creating timeless interiors that are not trend focused but combine and connect elements. Stephanie "has a taste for details" seen through her approach to texture, shape and scale that are unique to each project. 

Stephanie's objective is never too over design but create a space that is effortless and individual to the clients brief.

Resulting in a relaxed space and for the curious always a quiet nod to the unexpected. Achieved through juxtaposition of shape, materials and colour. Lighting is an important consideration utilising the very best of natural day light, complimented by a layered approach to lighting maintaining a connection between the outside and inside. 

Stephanie often draws inspiration from the 20th Century Italian Master Giorgio Morandi "whose still lifes can be appreciated far beyond the time and place in which they were made". 

Stephanie "I always like to include the clients own DNA into a project, utilising the clients personal art and objects as reference - this makes for a great starting point to create individualised spaces". 


Projects range from design concept, spacial planning, lighting plans, furniture and art sourcing. Project management from early concept through the planning permission process to build.

Consultation sessions.


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